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FIFA World Cup - 2014, 2010, 1998

Company - HBS/FIFA Tv

Director - Various
















Fat Doctors - 2013

Company - Electric Sky

Director - Nina Lowes

Lighting Cameraman








Kirstie's Crafty Christmas - 2013

Company - Raise The Roof Productions

Director - Lisa McCann

Lighting Cameraman
















Paralympics - 2012

Company - OBS

Director - Mike Klatt

OB Cameraman














Miss World - 2011

Company - Sugarland Productions

Director - Warren Batchelor

VT Cameraman








Britain's Strongest Man - 2008

Company - IMG

Director - Will Clough

Feature Cameraman














Hard Labour - 2006

Company - IWC for Discovery

Director - Guy Gilbert

Camera Operator








Trans World Sport - 1990 - Present Day

Company - IMG/TWI

Director - Various



































Press Ganged - 2004

Company - Granada for ITV

Director - Ian Riddick

Producer - Alex Gardiner





















10 Ways to Save the Planet - 2007

Company - Impossible Pictures for Discovery USA

Director - Nick Clarke Powell











































Breaking Magic - 2014

Company - Objective Productions

Director - Atul Malhotra









Working for HBS at the 2014 Brazil World Cup.  ENG crew attached with Ivory Cost for the duration of the tournament producing daily team updates for the World broadcasters.

Scrubs on!!


I got to spend some time in theatre filming bariatric surgery.  Witnessing how people's life changed after weight loss.

Working for OBS.  Two weeks in the Olympic Stadium.  Amazing atmosphere and incredible athletes.

Camera crew shooting vt for the final.


150 of the most beautiful women in the world - 

it's a hard job, but somebody has to do it!!

Lots of muscles...


But I still had to carry the camera! 

A six-part series for Discovery helping young people to find direction in life.


From trawler boats to climbing huge chimney stacks, to felling trees...the job was definitely challenging for all involved.

Over the years that I've been working for Trans World Sport I've had the privilege to travel and work in over 80 countries.  As well as mainstream sports like Football, Golf and Tennis, I've also filmed traditional, ancient and totally off the wall sports.


Through this I've met the most intersting and motivating people.

30 days sailing on Kaskelot - a three mast tall ship.

A ten-part series looking at ways to improve our planet.  This one was entitled 'Stop the Melt'.  


We spent a week camping on the Ice Cap in Greenland.

A multi-camera show bringing magic to television.

Filming female weightlifters in Bolivia.

Whenever you pull out a camera in Africa you become the most popular person around!

With the 'Cholitas' in Bolivia

With local children in Malawi.

Kirstie's Neon Star.

Brazil's Ronaldo receiving the TWS trophy for sportsman of the year back in 1998.

Didier Drogba and me doing a selfie! What a legend he is.

Another shoot with Kirstie Allsop, from the first series of Location, Location, Location until now.  Great team, great people.  Always a pleasure to be part of that world.


Definitely for the best food I have had on any shoots, especially the Christmas specials!!



Getting ready to film a magic trick in front of Battersea Power Station.


Man vs Expert2014

Company - Magnum

Director - Atul Malhotra






A multi-part series based on an expert in a subject competing against the presenter.






This one was paddling the Boar on the River Severn.



Brother Vet Safaris - 2009

Company - IMG

Director - David Hayman

Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  Filming specialised safaris where the tourist money helps pay for the vet bills.


Spectacular stuff resulting in one of my all-time favourite photos!

And various others, including...


Kirstie's Best of Both Worlds - 2014

Company - Raise The Roof Productions

Directors - Simon Joslin, Martin Connery, Stuart Locke, Amber Cornerford

Lighting Cameraman


Making The Grade - 2012

Company - 2EL Media

Director - Tom Forbes


Jo Brand's Big Splash - 2011

Company - What Larks Production

Director - Sam Grace


Incredible Edibles - 2011

Company - Objective Productions for BBC

Director - Atul Malhotra


Location, Location, Location - 2000 - 2011

Company - Ideal World for Channel 4

Director - Nina Brown/ Various


NFL Broadcast Wembley - 2012

Company - Sky

Director - David Spence

OB Cameraman


Kirstie Craft Britain - 2011

Company - Raise The Roof Productions for Channel 4

Director - Chrissie Butler


Trace Sports Documentaries - 2011

Company - IMG for Trace

Director - Jeff Freeman


Vacation, Vacation, Vacation - 2011

Company - Raise The Roof Productions for Channel 4

Director - Nina Brown


Come Buy With Me - 2005

Company - Reef TV for BBC

Director - Tanya Robinson


The Town Who Wants a Twin - 2004

Company - IWC for BBC

Directors - Peter Strachan, Cal Turner


Total Rugby - 2009

Company - IMG

Director - Daniel Prior


Demolition Day - 2003

Company - Granada for Channel 4

Directors - Mike Toppin, Peter Demetris


Relocation, Relocation - 2002 - 2004

Company - Ideal World for Channel 4

Director - Chris Webster


Put Your Money Where Your House Is - 2004

Company - Reef TV for Channel 5

Director - Steph Hunter


Selling Houses - 2002

Company - Ricochet for Channel 4

Director - Dan Roland


Holiday - You Call The Shots - 2002

Company - BBC

Director - Dan Roland


Working Wonders - 2001

Company - Carlton for ITV

Director - Sue Davidson


Driven - 2000

Company - Ideal World for Channel 4

Director - Sara Brailsford


Record Breakers - 2000

Company - BBC


Live and Kicking - 1999

Company - BBC


Winter Olympics - Nagano, Albertville, Lillehammer

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